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Friday, December 19, 2008

pangkor island trip- 2nd day

Day 2
Finally we get to go pangkor island...^.^ Morning called at 7 something secara sendirian berhad,not because they disturb me but is i woke up myself with sleepy eyes.Seriously i can't sleep well,keep awoke in the night.few time awoke was because.........

haaaaaaaaaaa qiu~

(Aiyo,pity me man.) >.<
Around 11 o'clock we packed our things and went to lumut jetty with lih huey's family.

xiao yen at jetty

lih huey and xiao yen in the ferry

the view i took in the ferry

the CAT student.meow~

we are collecting shell there..and they are..

dating here???wakakaka.jkjk

若要人像我,就有两个我,i duno what does it mean actually XD

nian.........书 study laa...XD


4of us with the em...tortoise o turtle???

Finally we are home around 8something and they decided to have dinner at home.

Finish 2nd day pig 1st tata XD

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