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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

This year's Christmas i think gonna be plenty plan for me.Today Christmas Eve,firstly i went bandar tun razak with simon for renewing his identity card today,after that we decided to go sunway pyramid (sunway again =.=)We enjoy our movie....

ip man

Quite nice this movie,you guys are recommended to watch this movie ohh..=)

Simon decided to go Leisure mall for hi-tea after our movie.Before we get back,not forgotten i took the photos for the christmas decoration in sunway pyramid.


the cute boy lost in leisure mall XD

During this school holiday,i enjoyed watching the Christmas decoration in different shopping complex that i went recently.From last wednesday-mid valley,thursday-time square,friday-sungei wang,saturday-the mines,sunday-metropoint and today sunway pyramid & leisure mall.hahahahaha.Crazy me?but i only took in some of the place.


may fong me and yoke san

another angle of the view.teresa,jessy and jojo

me with the christmas tree

dear yoke san and me ^.^

teresa and jessy


their job is to give everyone joyful =)

the clown..hehe

Last but not least,my wishlist hehe load of things i want!!!

1:I can pass my all CAT paper especially T5

2:Whole family and all my friends in pink of health

3:Everyone included me will happy always

4:will not quarrel with my mum.

5:become a very rich girl.wahahahaha

6:i need a car!!!not greedy i want toyota vios only...haha

7:can get a person i love and he love me too^.^

8:Get my own laptop o pc

9:everyone are living in the peaceful world

10:I want a new bag!!!

11:I can travel out the whole world

12:angpao big big for next year ^.^

13:A romantic christmas

14:more freedom!!!!keke

15:my own room

16:my sister become a very gooood sister...

that's all for my wish I THINK....wakakakaka anyway,wish all of you

Merry christmas!!!!!^.^

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