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Sunday, December 21, 2008

dong zhi

Sorry to leave out my last post of the pangkor anson trip,because here's the post which is important than the trip...Today is dong zhi.Yesterday i helped my mum in making tong yuen and this year is my very first year to make CHOCOLATE tong yuen.(my mum usually make kosong tong yuen wan)hehe ^.^ very first chocolate tong yuen.fully made by me oh and it taste good ok????

Beside this,there are plenty plan for me today.

1st round
Went to kajang metro point to have our 2nd reunion of 5 Productive.I have already fed up with those ffk'ers actually.Not because they don't want to join but is they ffk in last minute,and she-zi wei,i can say ffk is her 'hobby'.The reason she ffk this time is
zw:i don't want go lo coz iuan not going...
And the last minute she called me
zw:chee,where are u?
me:going out soon loo..why?
zw:you wait me at the masjid there,i go pick u,then we go together..

What?!?she said she going leh!!!happy me ^.^

gotcha!!kena tangkap in sms+ing with boy boy...haha XD




with syukri

zi wei and i

with our teacher and zi wei

Disebabkan i have to chao earlier and prepare for next round at segambut,so i took some photo wih my phone and the rest and the group photo is with zi wei.

Round 2

Went to segambut with my family for celebrating my little cousin-ethan eyu's birthday.A 2years old boy will shout...GO!!!! when his father open channel 812 ESPN

i wonder why got ppl cry in his birthday de?

he cried for the car... =.=

see his hambao face...zzz.and his daddy beside him..

and his very leng zai normal photo...

jiang jiang....


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