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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas '08



wish all of you has a very happy happy christmas + happy always ^.^

For me this year's christmas is the great christmas i've celebrate before.
Today went to leisure mall with the same gang-tat seng and kok girl -yoke cheng,which we met her for few months ago had join us.

We went to play some games,then go for movie.
the spirit
This movie not nice geh.....regret regret to watch it ><
After that kok wei decided to have dinner at fun ok cafe. Fun ok cafe are translate as 返屋企 in cantonese.nice name (then means ask us to fan okk kei or go there eat ohh?! XD)

the girl,yoke cheng and i on tat day

my christmas dinner at fun ok...^.^

Staying in fun ok for few hours then.....
"等,下一个天亮。。。。" my phone rang
feel afraid in this ringtome when my phone rang ==
My dad ask me to back home by 15minutes,reason-christmas is over

I am soooo happy today ohh...although

only 3 people celebrate with me
the movie not nice
dad ask me to back in the time when i really have fun with them

come on la...what you expect?got people celebrate with me wor..
many ppl din celebrate and staying at home only ler...

This is the best christmas present i ever receive oh....^.^

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