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Monday, December 15, 2008

pangkor island trip - 1st day

Yeah finally im back to kl from Pangkor Island +Teluk Anson a.k.a my hometown.
It's about one year i never been trip with my friends actually,and this is the cheapest trip i've been.Guess what?


Many friends were shocked when they heard this,
F:"eh,how can u manage ur money that good?(means im the person who always waste my $$ wan la isit?jk jk) xD

Well,what you guys girls expect?free accomodation and meal wor.But i never expect that they will treat us eat,i thought only staying in her house.Anyway,we did have fun during this trip. =)

Day 1
Everyone gather at puduraya bus stop before 8 o clock and we wanted to take the 8 o clock bus actually,who know the bus ciaoz earlier =.='' We are forced to buy another tickets which the bus is on 9 o'clock.
3of us in the bus...jessy,jackie and carmen half =.=
a lame post from a srious guy..=.= wha u expected from a serious guy?
anyway,this is yeoh
Our first station in the first day is in ashwini's house.Arrived there about 12.30p.m. She invited us to have lunchin her house. =)

this is ashwini's room

the room owner.can u see the snow white blanket there?

NOTICE:she is 21st this

the decoration in her room...big to small..

me with ashwini's bear

Lih huey,me,xiao yen and ashwini

Yeoh:why this 21st girl doesn't look like she is 21 years old?!

can't blame what he said actually,coz look there,me and xiao yen hugging her bear and she have the SNOW WHITE blanket somemore.... =.=

Next destination in the first day

menara condong,guess which finger is mine?=)

again 3of us

yeoh was the camera man that time

the oldest bus in malaysia i think still can walk boh?!

next,eat again =.= we went to eat ABC and this is for me...hehe

About 6.30,arrived our 'hotel' a.k.a Lih huey's house ^.^Phew~ tired.everyone had a bath and sat in front of the tv.

8 o'clock,Lih huey's sister:" we going to have dinner outside lor,come lets go together." WHAT?!?!?!people still full ler,still eat ar?!?!?! >.<

That's all for the 1st day.pangkor island our 2nd destination post will be coming soon.=)

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