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Thursday, December 31, 2009


this date meant alot of things....
meant that the last day everyone were stepping in this world in year 2009
meant that the last day for my colleague- shahira in LLTC
meant that the last day for me in 19 =.=
hopefully that these day will not coming
next year i will be 20 jor...
10++ ---> 20 jor
just a day, it can be change alot.
just a minute, it can be make things destroyed
just a second, god can bring alot of human to heaven.
sound so pessimist ==
but anyway, no matter have you see this blog, this post i for you oh... =) (u gonna bangga alot!!! xD)

Shahira, my colleaguewho joined LLTC for half year
although she is not close to me, but she share alot to me and all the colleagues
especially favourite...hahahaha..
this day, she purposely woke up at 5
just to cook something nice to us
spagetti~ wahahaha yummy yummy ^.^
she is just half year in LLTC....


3 out of 4 food is made by her..

the spagetti sauce...

the naughty girl stole cake eat..keke

she, and the boss

my colleague

the whole staff from KL branch

me and her

hahaha...kena tease.. xD

no matter how, thank you for the farewell party shahira...
thank you for being my colleague for half years...
thank you for understanding me always~
thank you~

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