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Thursday, January 7, 2010


a brand new year - 2010
someone said,:"2 years more 2012 jor, scare wor.... "
scare what jek?
should be happy mah...
we don't know what is happening after this
therefore we should cherish what we have now...
but not those illegal things

illegal, can be many things
for example, one of my fren name YEE LEY GLE
sound like illegal.. xD
did something illegal can be make people fed up
did something illegal can disappointed to the people
and can make people disappointed too

this day, i did something illegal,
but this illegal, make me totally disappointed to her...
i read her diary
i know this is privacy, but this is the only way let me know more about what i expect
so, sorry to her.
she, did something illegal
something that my parents dunno
something that i could guess
coz, she told me about the guy too
i found that she was in the relationship
and the guy, who i knew too
because of something, i don't wan to have any relation to him!!!!
and he, is crazy in my first impression
becaused of him, my family say something rough to me
included her
i don't mind what you say about me
but before you say ppl, please think of ownself
are you sure you won't do that in future?
and remember, she is only 14 this year
and the guy, is EIGHT years elder than her
i im not going to disagree this aging concept
but she even go terrible with him...
forgive me for saying you with these 5 words.

please be conscious early!!!!

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