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Monday, December 28, 2009

Next destination in ipoh-Pangkor Island

Our next destination-Pangkor Island
which i have been there last year with my CAT classmates
after breakfast together, so we depart from the hotel
everyone sleep again during the journey as we are quite tired due to the dinner yesterday
furthermore...bus is one of the nice place to sleep xD

lumut jetty

5 of us again..

5of us with the boss

we met the couple..which the girl marry out from pangkor
the bride is pretty...

the ship

the village

our apartment for this two days...the living room.

the bed room of me and mun keng.

our housemate-CY and eric's room.

we can the swimming pool fromm the roof

at pangkor beach
ina, me, maya and hidayah.

ina and me oh...

me, cy, ina, maya, mun keng, hidayah and eric.

i tot pangkor was dirty in my first sight when i went to there..

and now i only realised, it is not that dirty as my impression

hahaha..finally i got the chance to sit banana boat!!!it was fun!!


er hem....tengah buat ape da org?!?! o.O

this is the consequence that u two dun enjoy with us.. xD

after the games in the beach, everyone dragging the mood of tiring back to our apartment.
we are happy, coz we didn't have these fun together before until this trip..
we are happy, coz we no need to spend any single cent in this trip for the accmodation and meal.
and I am happy, coz this is the first i enjoy the fun with my colleagues... =)

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