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Monday, December 21, 2009

trip to ipoh for three days

after the CAT exam as i mention for duno how many hundreds times before this,follow my company and others branches to ipoh trips.

phew~ finally are in kl now!!!!
but the place are quite memorable
although it was the second times i went without following my family
the memories with CAT students
the memories with LLTC colleagues....
but it is weird when i'm at ipoh
suddenly the memories in malacca will appeared in my mind =.=
ipoh laa, think what malacca.
maybe it was fun as the time in malacca beh...

my ipoh trip-18th - 20 December
everyone were gather at LLTC SS2 branch on around 7something
the tour guide introduce himself
then everyone continue their dreams in the bus =.=

out first destination in the first day-Sungkai hot spring.

a part of my colleagues from my branch-Maya, Ina and her husband

see, egg got it own pool also!!!!xD

enjoying the hot bath leg with my colleagues
maya,hidayah and ina

colleagues from SS2

cindy from SS2

from behind:eric and ina's husband

the fishes form-ing a circle

behind : idayah, eric, maya
front: me, mun keng and ina

colleagues and ina's husband

hidayah,maya and ina.

the ticket for hot spring entrance.

4 of us : eric, mun keng, hidayah and me =)

mun keng and hidayah.

the only guy in our KL branch group- eric and hidayah.

the mountain..

the view way to ipoh... (why go camera there de? o.O)

arrived ipoh..
the swimming pool in the apartment,which we took from 15th floor to 6th floor.

Annual dinner~
Time: 7o' clock
Venue: Tower Regency Hotel 6th floor ball room.
Theme of the night: Hawayii

Everyone has prepared for the dinner.since the themes is hawayii, so everyone went to buy the suitable costume own self.For me? i don't want to spent money on the dress because i knew i seldom wear those dinner dress and luckily i have a dress that almost suit for the themes, so i didn't spend any single cent on my costume, just wear what i already have.

in our apartment
before going to the ball room.
eric, hidayag, maya, mun keng and me.

the place where we gonna to step on..

the place where we gonna to have our nice nice dinner xD

grand prizes that we gonna bring back home xD

in the ball room.
me and Ina

whole kl branch and the boss-Mr, Chong.

our table, with some of the branches staff.

the 5 partners.

show from ipoh branches

SS 2 branches...

the sweet couple.

they are playing games.

the branches partners enjoyong too....

during working times, they are seriously...
during playing times, they play till crazy
see boss pun crazy with the staff jor =.=

boss still small?
act like a kid to get his daughter's prize. xD

ending soon
maya, hidayah and me.

5 branches LLTC groups photo.

evryone dance together after the dinner...

the camera effect.

with our prizes... ^.^

the night tat night.

3 of us =)

4 of us after the dinner
see our prizes....^.^

mun keng and hidaya.. quite pretty.

going to the find zhou gong's son soon....
see many skin care on the table =.=

Next updates-Second day in ipoh...
coming soon............

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