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Monday, December 7, 2009

company three lari lari, kelam kabut later

today was my second last day in the office before i on leave...
and our office is getting quiet recently....
since part of the staff has already on leave....
in fact, they are all same as me, work and study at the same time
CAT & ACCA exam has started today.
so this month study is "dai sai" for the CAT & ACCA candidates xD
even our works oso have to stand beside.... xD

just now talk with the admin staff...
i only notice that coming up 3 of our staff gonna resign from this company..
and there ciao before the peak season
i'm wondering, how does the company gonna survive without sufficient staff during the peak season?
is company able to recruit enough staff before the peak season?
and i only realised...
since i step in this company,ii have already grumble that my salary is not enough for me to cover my economy.
and there is alot of fren advise me to leave this co.
and i just think,
be gentle bit,help the company till peak season end only leave,

since peak season everyone are super busy to rush report
yet now, 3 of the staff leave before the peak season pula.
is i sympathize?or i too stupid ady?
stupid that don't listen to all of the advisor,
even my dear, ask me to leave since i step into the co.
but i don't listen, we some more quarrel just coz of those small matter...
sorry dear.
i still don't know, should i just leave the company?
if i left, company definitely not enough staff to complete all the report.
why am i still care of them?
i don't dare to tell him, coz i had choosed this way.
i have to pay the value.

by the way,
Good Luck for all CAT & ACCA candidates...

good luck to my T9 T10 next week~


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