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Monday, May 31, 2010

birthday update

My birthday had just passed few days ago...
yet someone still wish me...
thank you MR TAN WOON HOE for the only one belated wishes...hehe
there is alot of memories i had during the week
no matter good memories..
or the bad one...i would still appreciate the wishes and the celebration
for those who celebrate and wish me..
thank you very much...

my dearests brought me to look out point on the main day.
to be honest this was the 3rd time i been there.yet this is also the memorable one
say thank you to my dearest iang iang...
willing to be our driver on that day
be our organizer
and with her very nice birthday music with her very nice guitar...
love love ya..

reached look out point
the waiters keep bringing the cakes and walk to different tables and i just wondering many people had the same birthday as me
or i should say
a lot of people celebrating birthday at the same day as me
and even engagement too
say thank you for those who create the best surrounding there...
my dearests...
the waiters...and even the

say thank you to my little pig pig
he buy me a necklace as my birthday present very early ago...
love u ya...

say thank you to my little yoke san...
although she couldn't join the celebration.
however she still bought me the birthday cake, a key chain with my initial..
and she bought me a T-shirt with a warm messages..
"Please,call me when you are lonely"
thanks dear...
this is soooo sweet for me... ^.^

say thank you to my king kiew...
with her sweet sweet birthday songs via digi bubble talk

say thank you again to my all dearest jie mei which i listed below
Lai Mui
Chit Huey
Seow Iang
Seow Iuan

Thank you for celebrating my birthday...

Lai Mui and me

My yummy yummy dinner that day

our yummy yummy dinner ^.^

Say thank you to the best advance wishes from my friends ..
Kheng Yao (He was the 1st advance wishes)
Maya (she was the 2nd)
Mun Keng (and the third one)
Shirley (Its her turn finally)

Thank you to all my frens from perimbun
Yoke San (She is officially the 1st person who wish on 0004 hour)
Yee Leong
Shankar Rao
Chen Onn
My Dear Pitt Kuan
Lai Mui-the sweet sweet one...muack
Hon Hoi
Su Hua
Pui Yin
Pei Jun
Chyi Shin
Kok Ming
Kang Kwang
Yin Szan
Kok Loon
Chien Teck
Weng Tat
Wei Heng
Suet Yin
Iang Iang
Shu Yu
Chin Yee
Ji Kuan
Sue Fei
Poh Lin
Sek Ching
another Syafiqah
Mun Yew
May Yen
Another Dear Chit Huey
Chai Lei
Yee Mun
Hong Wei
My BIG gor gor Kat Keng
Zi Wei

Say thank you to my Chin Woo's frens
Heen Leong
Han Leong
Hui En
Lee Yen
Jia Min
Kit Ping

Say thank you to my outside fren
Rou Mieg
Tomato Bee Zhen
Kok Choon
Sean Lee Thiam Sin with your special birthday present
Pui Yan
Mango Juice
Hwee Ping
Chin Kiat
Yen Chea
Kok Wei

Say thank you to all the frens which i knew from VI
Shim Hwa
Jiun Yee
Jiun Kei
Wai Xiang
Yu Shaun
Meng Tsu
Khei Lum
Galwyn Lee
Jia Yuan
Joshua =)

Say thank you to my colleague:
Miss Chua
Mr Yong gor gor
Ah Rui gor gor xD
Mun Keng
My s***** boss who buy us KFC for celebrating my birthday

Say thank you to my college fren -
My Dear Susan,
Chao Chao
Kar Fai

Say thank you to my facebook frens who i actually don't know them

And say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rahim and Lai Chee Seng
because they had a same birthday as me....

oh ya..say thank you to Green Box karaok coz they gift me this as present

guess what is that inside the bu bu che... =.=

Say thank you to my lovely mummy...
thanks for the angpao..
love u miao~

Fulamak. I feel like im standing on the stage for Grammy Awards 2010!!!! xD

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