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Thursday, May 13, 2010

ip man 2

ip man 2,
this is a great movie actually...
previously it has first part
which i watch with another ppl
and this, i watch with my little dear dear..hehe
and found that there are alot of things we can learn from both of the movies
except fighting =.=
it is violent laa......

sacrifice my OT claim and went time square for this movie.
before this, we went sek hou for our dinner
the food is ok actually,
not that very very delicious as someone said
at least better than many restaurant
but their services is lousy
even lousier than before
next time i won't been there for my meal anymore
unless they change all of their service crews

im not saying that im fastidious about it
but just imagine yourself if you were them
how customer will treat you back
you may be a customer of every store
but have you become them to treat your customer?
and what is the feel?
im lucky, to met good customers
and I didn't get any complaints from all customer.
thank you, the customers =)

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