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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As Jo-n says, we all are look like......

panda on that day - Saturday night
You know why?
because all of us were still in the K box at 1 something in the morning. =.=
this is the first time i ever crazy that late in the k box loo...

Last Saturday night,i joined with other company staff sing k at jusco cheras selatan.
everyone crazy until 1 included the 8 years old kids (mr ho's & ivy's son)

so on that day as normal i went work in the morning first then sing k at night.
i just let the photo to introduce all the 'pandasss' *shhh,dun tell them that i call them panda ah...
first pair of panda family - ivy and wen how

another two pandas - yvonne and jo-n
fat panda-Herman

panda papa and panda mama - mr ho and ivy

panda mei mei,the youngest in my office and their office-me lo...=.=

mr ho and herman

panda xiao di di and panda da jie jie

panda jessy and ivy

big head paste - wen how

stop calling panda again-me and joanne ohh

dun be shy laa xiao di di xD

so shy dun wan to look at the camera..

yvonne and joanne

mr ho enjoy singing his yam gor....

second ppl from lltc appeared here finally,miss chua and her daughterjoin us ater that.

joanne sangat bangga to take pic with the sexy girl xD *just joking

herman enjoying the song too...

herman and me again

they said they din take photo with miss chua b4 take loo ^.^

my 'bao mu' in my office

this porve that the kid-wen how messed up the table xD

panda group photo was taken by the waiter there.
behind:wen how,ivy,mr ho,herman,sea kay,yvonne,miss chua's lui,miss chua and joanne

again the group photo
mr ho tak habis habis with the mic..

everyone in front just kneww down ady....

last photo..
ivy and yvonne

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