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Monday, August 17, 2009

result has came out

result has came out...
i had fail 2 subject...
which is T9 - Taxation
and T10 - Managing & finance
didn't feel any upset..
coz is all under my expectation.
it is impossible for me to pass this two subject in june sitting.
so how?
just sign up for class again.
dear get me all the information for the part time classes for these two subject
and even get me a registration form
so i just have to fill in the form,pay fee and attend the class ^.^
need money again.. ><
aiks, no choice..
who ask me dun concentrate in the class leh?
keep ponteng only...
so have to resit the paper lop...
must gayao ady!!!!!

quite free in the office today..
but can't on9 in the office..
if on oso just a while....
then read his bloggie...
he seems so sad according the post...
he tend to be strong enough in front of us.
so that he won't get bully by anyone
so that he can still live in this world.
he wanted to do many things...
but he are not able to
coz he is carrying a burden..
the burden which make him can't just leave away from home.
what i can say now is...
i'm really feel pity of him......
this is my regret for can't help him on anything to release his burden..

You tend to be strong enough in front of us.
But how you feel deep in your heart we all know.
What i can say is, all this beyond our control.

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