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Friday, August 21, 2009

duno why

recently duno why...
get angry easily...
feel very bo song to many things...
super moody >< make dear feel sick and tired to me.
don't know why don't know why
i don't know why!!!!!! T.T
sorry dear >.<

dear got accident yesterday night,when the time he want to send me home after my night class
the left door crashed.the very ngam cham gor gor keep grumble only =.=
grumble macam he never crash the car before..
macam he never had accident before
just think before you scold people.
have you blame anyone after you got accident?
or you don't know what does the words "accident" mean?
ataupun you are the god can expect everything happen?

He is moody now....
because of the ngam cham gor gor..
but i can't do anything to help him..
feel so useless...
sorry dear......

sleepy and tiring now...
feel wanna sleep in the office..
can i?

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