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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the outing

new friend, pui yan and i

shaun and me( first photo with him only)

with meng tsu (same too)

with jia yuan

Date : 25th July 2009
Venue : Time Square,Midah night market
& Mamak ABC

A very looooooong post but now only update
what to do?busy people mah....

come back to here.
i had a happy memory on that day...
a very unexpected day...
unexpected his appearance......

went to time square that day at first
with jia yuan for movie
movie - obsessed...
such a vio movie between two women
so guys
better not to offend the girl wor...

after the violent movie
we met up wai xiang and the gang to go pasar malam at taman midah
so here are all the gang

old friend
~Jia Yuan
~Wai Xiang
~Shaun (the "big guy" i never see him for one whole year ady!)
~Meng Tsu
~Kah Hoong
~Chee Hoe

new friend:
~Pui Ying a.k.a Wai Xiang's girl
~Pui Yan a.k.a Kah Hoong's girl
~Chin Hong a.k.a the chimp
~Terence Lee

reach pasar malam eat eat =.=
someone pay for me
thank you wor =)
next time belanja back..hehe

then 12 people with 3 cars headed to ABC mamak after midah walk.
ordered one limau ais
coz very full at pasar malam ady >.<
finish the limau ais
the very kind driver- chimp send me home *thank you again. =)

that is all for that day outing.

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