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Friday, January 2, 2009

crazy girl

YEAH, 2DAYS MORE TO THE SCHOOL REOPEN!!!! ^.^ ah.don't say im sooo excited please,because
seriously i got nothing to do at home during these holidays beside hanging out with friends.What you expected?i got more than one month holidays!!!!

40++ days holiday
3days for trip
10++ days hanging out with friends
and the rest study,working and staying at home eat eat eat..and computer computer computer

So i noticed that i BOLUI liao and...i fat liao ler....
charm i think few words can describe me now
人又老(19 d leh still not old ah?have to admit it loo)
钱又少 (out out out only sure habis lor...)
nobody want me liao ler...... T.T
i only WINDOWS shopping with frens,what i've spend is for meal or movie only.
i don't like to buy alot of things actually.i'm not like my frens
for sure they will buy alot of cloth when they going shopping complex ==

By the way on the 1st day of 2009,i went time square+sungei wang with my family.
We went to leisure for a while for buying my sister's uniform and shoes.the uniform there were soooo expansive and not nice in their design,so my mom decided to buy clothes and D.I.H (do it herself XD )
me,before going out with them =)

next,went to one pet shop which located at opposite of leisure mall for buying my little doggie's food.

The golden


and this is the cutest i saw there.forgot what's the name.keke

the sleeping pussy nice..

Finally reach time square around 3.Walk walk for few hours with them and i will for next round-Seow Iang's open house.Met back the gang is like recalling my happy memories with them in Perimbun. =)
Reach home around 11 something.Tired ><

P/S :I hope our friendship will last long,never end is the best.. =)

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