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Saturday, January 10, 2009

shopping shopping,windows shopping

my day for today.......super duple tired loo
my legs today......super duple tired loo

today went 5 shopping complex (pass through are counted too XD)
today,the 1st class of T6,so as normal i "wanted" to attend the class.but then,the mr tortoise message me for going lunch,and pitt kuan said....

"u see la this friend,got "boy boy" liao then dun wan us. =.=
"haiya,the lecture seldom teach in the first class wan la.dun worry,i will help u to pick ur notes,u go PAKTO la,no need choi us liao loo.. =.= wat la

so end up going lunch with him a.k.a ponteng... XD but seriously mention

firstly,met up with him at time square and we went to uncle duck to have our lunch.
then we jalan jalan in time square since we are extreamly full that time >< style="color: rgb(204, 153, 51); font-weight: bold;">lot 10 for the sikit sikit shortcut to pavillion which he trying to tipu me that is pavillion small entrance.*u think i will kena tipu meh?? XD

Reach pavillion,the decoration for the chinese new year is really wonderful lar..unfortunately i didn't take any photo there... >< but mayb can grab in somewhere leh???hehe.

deng deng deng deng...the pavillion view i curi from somewhere.its exactly the same.
the pak pak want to be dai meng seng... XD

Walk around there for one and a half hour,then go sungei wang jalan again.only jalan but didn't buy anything =.= after that,headed to the time square bus stop ready for next round to leisure mall pasar malam but not with him,is with pitt kuan and yen mei.

Next round-leisure mall pasar malam
taking bus in time square which 2 of them are inside there.
Then went to sifu wantan mee for our wantan mee dinner while waiting for kok wei *he said he will join us after work.
quite nice the wantan mee,you all can try try ohh... =)

Waited kok wei for sooooo soooo looooooong only he arrived there.=.=
kok wei wanted to have his dinner,so we leave pasar malan after walking there about few minutes and we have supper loo....*takkan wan 3of us stare at him and his food mah =)

Kok wei belanja me 4sushi for bringing back home eat...hehe but then i forgot to bring it go,reached the bus stop and wanted to go back that time only realised i left on the table there.ran back to the place,who know.....the hardworking them go help me throw sushi.... :T.T:

So end up with the conclusion for today...

time square ---> lot 10 ---> pavilion ---> sungei wang ---> leisure mall.

so ding dong me..... =.=

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