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Thursday, January 14, 2010

my very first

last week went to maison pub with susan and her friend
this was my very first time wnt there for drink....
it is out of sudden actually
i dun really like to go those place
the music is very rock and loud
parents don't allow
he.....don't like me drink too much
so i din go before unless one of the only reason for her
and this time,
coz susan's fren keep ask her out for drink, then she need me to company her
you know la, hw good am i, so i just company her go lo...
i didn't spent anything at there,
firstly, it is FOC for two of us
and second, i di spend my time to choose my costume
just a simple t-shirt and jeans (coz i went after my class =.= )
and somemore a sweater.....
did you see anybody wore sweater into the pub? =.=

susan and me
fung, me and susan

this was the first time i drank high alcoholic drink that much
this was the first time i vomit after the drink,
and this was the first time i can feel a bit drunk =.=

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