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Monday, January 11, 2010

her 21st birthday

recently attended one of my college fren's birthday - ley gle
this was her 21 st birthday...
means that she is the 1st 21st year old friend having a party in this year.
susan called me in the afternoon for going to her birthday...
but before this we wanted to buy present,
so have to go susan's house earlier.
it is really out of sudden
coz im actually doing house work for my mom
if i just ciao away, she sure grumble alot ==
but sorry mom, i have to go
coz im not the driver on that day wor....
reached her house, onli know that
susan:" we go there on 7something laa, coz her birthday party having at 8.30, then we go buy present at 3something like tat ya."
zzz speechless...
went jusco maluri for buying the present
then bath at susan's house at night
met my dear dear then we leave at 7 something
susan said " i didn't drive for long time ady ohh..."
"geng loo, we hvn buy insurance yet!!"
gle stay at puchong, so we meet another driver at bukit jalil
coz he is the only one knew how to go there.
reach there at 9, but home at 1.
but we did enjoy with all my college fren

the birthday girl is wearing pink colour shirt
from left: susan, may jean, stephy, gle, stephanie and me..

and today,

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TO YOU YEE LEY GLE a.k.a. illegal =p

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