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Friday, October 2, 2009

think of her suddenly

yesterday my office was quite diam...
3out of 14 colleague were on MC (wednesday 2 ppl MC,yesterday 3 pulak =.= )
included the admin clerk
1 is on leave
and 1 not working
so i have to replace her on yesterday to answering phone and bla bla bla...
answer a called yesterday..
voice quite familiar..
just remind me of her....
but the ppl is not her of course =.=

is the girl i knew in my secondary school
although we are graduated at the same primary school
she has a good result in study at primary school
same as secondary too...
however, in form 2
she started to be weird
she becoming another girl..
no longer the girl we knew...
and even her performance in study has slipped..

till form 4,everyone has transfer to the class which suit for them...
unexpected that she hs allocated in account stream.
im wondering, why is she transfering to this class.
time passing and passing....
and im starting to giving her tuition...
im not saying that im expert till wan to be a teacher
but im trying my best to giving her additional knowledge

till we had graduated from secondary school
we didn't contact anymore..
somebod said she had move to somewhere else...
im just curious....
how is she doing now?
is she ok now??
is somebody have her contact?
i miss her...
i miss her teeth..
i miss the way she smile =.=

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