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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


yesterday was quite lucky and "lucky" =.=
when im packing my things and ready to attend my class hor...
suddenly rain heavily loo....
opps, no no no..
should be the ice drop from the sky heavily....
am i lucky or "lucky"? =.=

then walk down from plaza rakyat lrt station
the girl keep giving me the envelop
this is something like lucky draw then she ask me to open it
when i open it,the girl shocked and hold my hand...
she said i have draw a special gift which their company gave me then bla bla bla...
so i don't bother about her and return the envelop
because i don't want to be a water fish (in case that are some cheating stuff)
am i that really lucky to get the special gift?

reach college.
find something to eat...
he not going to work so can't eat with me >.<
find a stall and have a chicken..
a Korean girl came to me and ask me some direction..
then we chit chat for almost half an hour...
then the korean girl my contact =)
am i that lucky to be her friends?

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