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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

jessy is feeling down today

im feeling down today.. >.<
recently got some argument with my family.....
my problem???
their problem??
both problem???
feel like dun wanna stay in this house...
mum just grumble straight when i just step in the house and sit..
jie just scold me with the stupid rude words when i ask her a little thing
why are they like to come out with those words???
nice to listen isit?
always ask friends beside to be cheerful
but right now im the one who not be cheerful
i hate the feel of quarrel with them.. >.<
they don't even care whether who is the right and wrong..
they will only care the way you spoke...
is reason not important to care of???
what comment i got from everyone was just a word..
"just be silent la....."
but...isit everyone able to do that??

even him...he just speechless...
he got nothing to say about this

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