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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

i have nothing to do

I suppose to replace my time back since im late to work in these two days.
but what am i doing here?!?!!
other then blogging, fb-ing, that it!!
is not that i dun wan to work,
but something on hand are just pending for either review, queries reply from client.
else, i dun think im still have alots of time to spend here.
new case came in and im gonna out for audit next week.
but the problem is, what should i do on Thursday and Friday in the office?
hahahaha, not to say i lansi or be proud for free from work la, kekekeke =p
and yet now, what i wish is, hopefully my client reply my queries in the next days.
Or anyone else still have something need ppl to assists?
hmm, in my office i dun think they will ask me to assists other than ordered by my superior.
You guys know why? coz i knew their pattern

no matter what
happy one and a half year in Yee Choon Kong & Co

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