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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


yesterday work for KOSE counter at metrojaya, Mid Valley after my office work
to be honest
i'm regret to work for KOSE.
because i was very very blur yesterday
dah lah slept only four hours
somemore need to do payroll for my three intercompany
in fact they still need the money in order to survive
same goes to me
beside this, im not feeling well in these days
keep feeling cold
don't you believe i can still wearing my sweater during the hot sun day and not in the office?

next, because i lost my driving license at metrojaya
which i still left four month more to get my GDL license
no more P license after that
i afraid if i retake my driving license will i have to wait for two years more to get my GDL?
i got he feel that all the bad things will coming soon...
hopefully not
by the way i bet you will not going to metrojaya for part time anymore (if u are not a patient person)
because there are 10X stricter than other counter even jusco and parkson
example: they don't allow their staff to bring hand phone out during work........
luckily it hvn reach to my limitation
but one things i can confirm was it is super, hyper cool looo.... >.<

come back to here.
i walked to K***** counter to have some chit chat
she, the staff is a chinese
but she convert form buddhist from muslim since she were 21st
yet now, she is 30++
for me this is quite surprise for me,
if she said she convert to christian i can accept
but she convert to muslim,
maybe you guys girls thought that this is nothing
maybe you guys girls thought im not tat open
but, how come??!?!?!?

she can think as what malay thought
and she can give comment about other religion
no matter you are free thinker or you been converted to another religion,
just don't say something bad about the other...
don't you remember that before this you did followed the religion culture also?
why i so excited here ah??
but if talk about those sensitive issue i would just turn to 360 degree de loo...

tomorrow...the special day for him.....
the memorable ppl for me..

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