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Friday, April 10, 2009

there's been a death at my house T.T

1 April 2009

It is date that fully memorable.
other than memorize the hong kong artist-leslie cheung
and this is the day we can play people kow kow....
because this is april fool day.
and even god play a fool with the humans too........

on the 31st of march....
everyone with the numb look came to my house
~my grandma
~my grandpa
~my aunt
~my uncle

and even the uncle who came from singapore with his family.
total 8 person in my house and not includ the children.
just to visit my uncle.
my beloved uncle....
who had a serious decease and he is at selayang hospital.
and one uncle is staying at hospital for taking care of the patient
they gather at my house and they decided to go together.


They back to their house at night.
everyone were busy-ing their own business
only my brother,my grandma,my uncle were there to take care of him.
until the midnight.
time 0004
we received a call from my fifth uncle at hospital.

U: "He passed away..."
F: "yes a?is he suffering?"
U: "ya,he gone with his suffering."
F: "i see.okay."

When the news spread out.
everyone can't control their tears dropping
the mother "finish" her tears.
she can't sleep.
everyone can't sleep well.

everyone rush back for the funeral in johor
except those who are in kl
the kuala lumpur-ian got to settledown the death's things in hospital
and be back on thursday night.


back to johor for paying the last respect to him
he looks very relax.
some of them said it is the better way for him to released his suffer.
to be honest,
i agreed this words.
if god give me a chance to choose his dead or alive right now
i will let him just gone rather than suffering here.
although we tak sampai hati he just gone like this
he is still single.

but just imagine how you felt when you saw his suffering.
he can't sleep well.
he can't eat well.
and he can't alive as a ordinary human.
and now,
he leave everyone.
he leave his beloved family.
he leave his friends.
he leave us.
we gonna miss you very much....
may god bless him.

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