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Monday, April 20, 2009

food hunting part 2

here comes another food hunting week
i pomise this is the last crazy food week okkay?
gonna keep fit keep fit and keep fit!!
(dengar dulu la...budak ni suka sangat food wan..)
friend's weeding is around the corner
so tak boleh
~eat much
~spend much
and play much
no money
no honey
and no jessy T.T
Anyway,last week i do have my wonderful food hunting with my many friends.
lets look at it.
we (the perimbun gang) were decided to meet in this day for the sushi hunting since this is the week of sushi promotion.Whoever has a sushi king member card,these group will be treated by any sushi with only RM 2 per plates!!!!
The three person of us-me,zi wei and seow iuan were gather at perimbun becase they wanted to collect their SPM certificate.Then 3 siao kia headed to time square for sushi hunt and seow iang will meet us after this..*leisure mall sushi tak boleh makan wan? LOL
after the sushi hunting,we decided to have a movie in case we didn't have our movie together for very loooooooong time. >.< We watched fast ad furious 4.No bad the mvie actually but very sayang loo the sport car let them hancur like this,let me drive better laa... xD

sushi hunting day again.Not with the same gang again but with the so call "sri murni gang".They are kok wei,yen chea,sin yee, dawin and two perimbun-ers lai mui and me.
all of us went to lowyat for the sushi in terms that there is alot of "unagi" for us. xD

the sushi king's "train"

this is not enough for us.....

and this only enough for us...

i totally ate roughly 5 times as this much in these two sushi days!!!WAHAHAHA

the very unexpected things happened that day.guess what?dawin treat us sushi on that day for the total RM115. swt

Kok Wei's big day and this was his 21st birthday.we planned a very wonderful celebration for him on that day.

The total 8of us,
Yen Chea
Tat Seng
Sin Yee
Chit Huey
Pitt Kuan and me

were up with sin yee dawin and kok wei at low yat about 5something after my class with pitt kuan.the rest come after their work later.
we at at the restaurant for watching drama.
according to everyone's feedback,the service in the restaurant like shi wor...coz
we want hot mocha,the gave us cold,
we want ice - cream,but the ice-cream hot
we want to use the wi-fi there,but bo wi-fi
the service..."chiak sai" *eat shit

then ryan and yen chea will be the driver on that day.
We went to Parkway hotel which near KLCC for our korean meal there. this is quite a nice place for u to enjoy your meal actually,and for guys...there are few pretty very pure korea services there. xD

me with ryan's spec

they said i do look like a teacher

happy 21st cow 1 kok wei

me,kok wei and tat seng

the korean lady with kok wei.

she looks sweet for me loh....

and finally the group photo.

from top:dawin,yen chea,tat seng,sin yee and pitt kuan,ryan,kok wei,me and chit huey

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