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Thursday, April 2, 2009

date for food...

sorry for the lately update again.
my internet has not fix actually,
but since i got free time now
so i would update all my recent post...

last week (almost the whole week actually)
i keeep makan makan...hahaha
because of the very free girl-zi wei
she said she got nothing to do wor...
so as a very very GOOd friend <>
im gonna crazy already la!!
luckily didn't fat also and even slim than before this pula...zha dou =.=

MONDAY-petaling street hunting

TUESDAY : 2girls went to kuchai lama just only for dim sum in the morning (crazy right?)
but there is quite cheap actually (zi wei yang recommend) =)

our messy table..

since we are very free after our very nice dimsum,we decided to go our "lou dei fong" = summer cafe for self study.
so 2 girls headed to summer cafe with zi wei's kancil. =.=
driver zi wei were driving and the free girl jessy are...

camwhoring of course... xD

hehesince the traffic light turn to red,so tangkap along the driver to camwhore too xD

girl's hobby....
the place we have been

the mango ABC we sister even say it look like curry =.=
but this is ichiban!!!! =)

me and zi wei
During the time back home and this was my turn to be driver... =)
my driving skill is improving now okkay?!?!?!xD

Friday : two crazy girl went to setapak just for our pencuci mulut =.= and this time i'll be the driver to there.
the colourful tong yuen i ever seen...
During the time we back,one girl with myvi "challenged" our driver zi wei who is driving her kancil at highway which traffic jam actually that time.
Finally,the kancil won!!haha
Since my house got no people (hantu oun tak de) and zi wei ask me to go her house.
and i found this very little cute girl.

she is zi wei's youngest sister - zi ann.

the tortoise i drew.because nothing to do mah...

our new family named shu shu... =.=

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