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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

what a coincidence

Happy raya day~~~
still remember i grumble in front of my current ex-colleagues, 
saying that i never rest during any public holiday
since i still need to work
what to do, double paid leh
you work one day, you can get two days salary

after i get rest in public holiday for a year, 
holiday work for double paid came to me again ^.^
since peak season end in my office, and i started to get part time

i met a customer today,
as she wants to redeem her voucher, so i get her to give me name
she mentioned to me, a familiar name flash to my mind
and i found that, she is my office client, which i used to chat with her in the office quite some times.
and yet today i met her.
i wonder, why my colleagues keep saying she is very fussy~


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