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Sunday, September 12, 2010

im back!!!

nothing much to say here
1st of it..
i'm finally back from malacca
back from my relax + tired feel
relax coz we went to malacca town everyday ^.^
gain alot of food & weight over there
tired coz i'm unfeeling well there >.<
im feeling better now

well, after few days of sufficient sleep
im able back to the normal daily life
those i used to be last time
simple to say, im ging for my ACCA classes soon
yes finally!
finally i pass my CAT last paper
and now i will go for my management & tax paper
management paper again =.=
afraid that i will fail my managing paper badly
since most of my classmate
they are going to the third level of ACCA
yet i am still in second level......

again and again
this words has came out hundred times from my mouth
I need money urgently lah!!!!!!!!
god please drop gold to me!!!!=.=
or can any handsome and pretty gave me money????

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