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Saturday, February 20, 2010


happy chinese new year everyone!!!!!

sorry for the very late posting here....
finally i got some free time to find a computer to blog
since friday i back home with mommy and mei mei till now....
overall new year was quite boring.....
keep repeating the 4 steps...
gamble, out, eat & sleep
gamble, out, eat & sleep
went out with my school ji mui 2days ago....
everyone were rush with all the plan....
sorry for the bad planning..
i know i shouldn't plan like this
made somebodies unhappy..
im not talking u ya....
im just saying to someone..
sorry girls
im so sorry for all the inconvenience causes by me to everyone
sorry for unable to entertain everbidy among us
sorry for dear
promised her something but end up didn't do that

by the way, i took this when i was in batu pahat mall with my uncle aunt and two of their children

their performance were grrrrreat!!!!

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