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Thursday, November 26, 2009

pasar malam

didn't go pasar malam for very very long time..
originally going connaught pasar malam with sek ching ysterday
but since my sister want the car at night and she asked me to return by 8
so i rejected sek ching for those reason
here to apology ya >.<
had a hair cut at GC, but i only cut front...
as far as the back,
i will cut next month
more discount mah..hehe
then home...
jie said she will not back early =.=
so bring mei mei go pasar malam
who know, when i pass along taman len sen
jie said she want use car at 9.....
my very very dear mei mei answered her...
"no problem laa....we reach connaught ady, we confirm can reach home at 9 de..."
and that time was 8.30 p.m. =.=
she thought im a super driver
she scolded me
become ppl's driver but got scold somemore =.=

i only wonder now
why my fren said it is not easy to be a driver >.<

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