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Friday, September 18, 2009


i really beh tahan ady la!!!!!!!!!!!!

why you got no any single improvement on your attitude?
you are not as young as few years ago....
as many old people said
don't you know everyone is worry about you....
especially them...
you tend to be silent
you tend to tell lies
but just think before you tell lies
don't you know these words "today you tell a lie,the day after this you need to tell another lie to cover the first lie."????
can't you be honest to them??
as a friend what i can do now is to advise you thats it.
but you don't even listen what i advise
even put ppl into the pool
even wan SOMEONE to disturb ppl.....
excuse me,people have to work too...
you don't your things by your own somemore you go disturb people.....
i can only end up here..
please think of others before you think of yourself.....

P/S: i don't know whether YOU (for those who is reading im not talking about you) are reading o not
i just want to spread out my feeling

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