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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birthday update

a month more after my birthday only update this post
but seriously im getting fatter that month....
keep eating eating eating T.T
so i would like to share my happiness on that month

10th May 2009
Due to the mother's day celebration
my sister decided to cook for us
because mummy said it is quite expansive if we go out for celebration
so she made chicken chop + spagetti for us (^.^)v

24th May 2009
Another family celebration for me and my younger brother
This time mummy cook for us
again chicken chop + lamb chop
HOMEMADE punya =)

25th May 2009
Mr Kura - Kura celebrate with me at gasoline
eat kow kow till his pocket berlubang xD

26th May 2009

Have fun with Perimbun gang at Kaki Corner
They accompany me till 12 o clock ^.^
although yoke san not able to celebrate with me
but she baked a chocolate cake for me.
two words

gotcha....curi tangkap her photo.this is chit huey..

me with san san's HOMEMADE chocolate cake. ^.^

iuan iang and too dark jor >.< iuan iang me and jessi

iuan iang me and chit huey

The next day, 27th may
received lots of message
congratulation to the earliest 3 person who wish me before the date
~Sean lee
~Joshua hor
~Cheng keat (mei mei)
and congratulation to the earliest 3 person who wish on the date
~Cheng keat
~Woon hoo (king kong)
~Perimbun gang....
Thanks everybody ya... ^.^

early the morning, zi wei brought me to have nice breakfast - dim sum
2 person ate total RM 40. *crazy
then,went to college for revision.
Jolene wish me *shocked
coz she is the only one staff at college who knew my birthday other than my dear..
wait for dear till 6 o clock..
then we went to time square for this...

night at the museum

28th May 2009
With the two person
Who has the special name
Zack = Papa
Zi Wei = Daughter
and Jessy = Mama
so this day yat ga dai sai went to sing k at Lowyat
then daughter sponser mama for red box card..
ada free one RM 50 and RM 100 voucher wor.....

quite happy in that week
thanks to the person who wish me...
tanks alot... ^.^

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