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Friday, July 24, 2009

2days 1night wedding trip

3rd of May - the big day of them

the wedding of tai and catherine =)

zi wei and me at lee zhi's house - before headed to the bride house

melissa and me =)

Caldina (Toyota series)

GIRLS ji mui - before the husband come to pick the bride

all ji mui at catherine house (cheng keat included too =p )

me and the bride

muack muack

look at the camera =)

the mommy give necklace to her neck

Perimbun ji mui - before headed to pandai remis

me...yeah.reach the location finally after 3hours and half journey with the car speed of 160km/h.

half of the ji mui - before the dinner started at pantai remis

tai,cat and jessy

lai mui and me - after the dinner at our one day house

4th of May - pantai remis beach

the sea that make me hampir hampir die there *gulps

before getting wet
back : chit huey,lee zhi, lai mui, zi wei, cheng keat
front : melissa and me

i believe i can fly!!!

zi wei, lai mui and me

half part got wet

tak tau siapa yang free tu take ppl's ass photo =.=

me : hey look there, i saw a ship there!!
zi wei lee zhi : where where??
lai mui : ship lai de meh??look like boats lai de wor wor...

si fat were sold at here...

walk carefully later 'die' again

ah yan and me....she didn't get wet

these are the wedding photo that nice for me....

we gonna miss you alot cat....

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