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Thursday, June 14, 2012

screw up to the end

the continuous of study leave for a week
the same lecturer, the same papers
but in different environment
i now only realised that
actually, i can study without following any shadow of yours
yet now, i felt relax without you
not stress with all the syllabus anymore
i felt great with my study
i felt great with my study environment
even though with all the 24 hours
8 hours of study (including 1 hour of  nap, one hour for lunch and one hour for travelling)
the rest is slacking and sleeping and fb-ing =.=
thanks for what u have given me
thanks for the advise and consultant that u provided to me
thanks for all my friends that worry about me
and last, thank you for being with me in the important moment =)

lastly, good luck to my F8 and F9 exam in this two days

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