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Monday, December 27, 2010

to whom it may concern

im sorry to say so much about you here
to be honest im not to saying im stingy
but, i borrow you that time bcoz u need the money very urgent
i gave alot of advise to you but you don't get it
and you persist to borrow.
and i told you i might need it urgent
and you said ok

you said you will pay me on december
even can't pay me by hand
you would also bank in for me
yet what is the date today?
2 weeks ago
i request from you again
i said i might going out station
need some money
ask you to pay me half
you said you will pay me by week of next
now, im not going out station
but i still need
you said you will try to bank in for me on sunday by 11 o clock
but have you request for my a/c number?
and the sunday you meant had just pass
i don't mean not to understanding you
but you know im not that rich
i have to work 2 jobs in order to cover my expenses
even sometimes couldn't
you need to live people need to live also
and i need to pay my creditors also
especially the one always visit here
and i knew i owed her quite some time ady

sorry to repeat again
im not saying im stingy
but right now
the time i need money alot
even RM 10 is important for me!!!
money is my many things now!!!!
if you read this
please understand me also

If people am really waiting for the money to help...
i think people died very early

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