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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

another such boring day again...
nothing for me to enjoy other than work work work nowadays
even though i'm off the office job,
but still rush to mid valley for my second round
but what to do
i need money...
so i have to work...
unless god are pretty kind throw a very very very rich guy + handsome + kind guy for me
so that i no need to work loo
can be xiu nai nai (as my dear said) xD

by the way guys girls
im in mid valley metrojaya now..
fighting sales for AESOP!!!!
but to be serious la..
this is not fighting sales..
i kinda love this part time job..
coz of my supervisor
coz of the manager
coz of the ppl
they are very nice to me..
thank you oh

i don't meant how bad is my office actually
my colleague is good..
at least even better than when i 1st step in that environment
till now is about one year i joined there.
i changed many position
faced many people
finally i knew who is treating me well in the office..

i feel regret,
regret how come don't i listen to what their advised me earlier
regret why i can't be a bit clever...
at least can let me know who is treating me well and who is bad to me?
and i, just wondering...
is it late to regret?
sorry for the un-listening jie jie-sss
and thank you for nice to me..
without u all in the office
im wondering how could i survive there....

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