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Thursday, June 4, 2009


finish two paper atlast....*phew~
but still got another two paper to go on next tuesday and wednesday...
which is taxation and finances management.
tuesday's paper was costing paper...
which i said this the hardest and the challenging paper...
up to 20++ fomularS you have to memorise.
and there is alot of theory you must hafal.

but somehow
the paper was kinda easy in this sitting =)
atleast i answered all 4 subjective question
unlike monday 20 marks gone for one full theory question.
thank god they coming out with all calculation question which i can answer.
but some part the question is quite tricky anyway.
hopefully i can pass these paper >.<

by the way,im blur on that day.
when i enterd the exam hall
everyone has to put their bag in front.
and my bag was pretty far from my place.
sat in my own place,notice that i never take out my spec
so just go and take.
come back to own place again.
mana tau,
today costing paper but the blur blur girl never take out her calculator =.=

15 minutes for us to read through the question.
suddenly one girl came to my place,point to me and come out with the words....
"she sat my place ohh~"
i was shocked on that time.
take out my docket and make sure i've sat at the right places
i was wondering how come they adjust a place for two candidates?
who know she made a mistake. *cold dao liao =.=""

reading through the paper,
these blur girl only notice that she didn't silent her phone =.=
pray for not to ring during exam
mana tau..
(shin chan ringtone)
message rang =.=

Yesterday went out movie with 3 friends at pavillion
one i knew for long time and two i baru know them yesterday
watch PUSH *18PL
but some of them belum full 18 also
not a horror movie actually
but in one scene,when i looked at them,
one can't see
two can't hear
harap harap they don't read this. >.<
went to stabucks after the movie
talk something them ciao home.

quite tired but atleast this is one of the way i can relax.
rest is for us to go further =)

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